Lil Uzi Working With His Idol?


Could UZI and MM get together to make some classic rock-roll music for the masses!?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You gotta love it. Hip-Hop may just be the most malleable form of music ever. It just keeps changing and changing and changing. Anyway, the king of the weirdoes Lil Uzi Vert is well on his way to jumping the shark. I think he’s going to be bigger than Eminem if he keeps this up. :)

Anyway, apparently he’s in the works to do music with one of the most notorious artists ever - Marilyn Manson. The real defiant one. I won’t lie, this is cool. Why? I think Uzi should be aligned with those that he’s in synch with. Anyway, I hope Uzi gets more fans and more mainstream success over this. Viva La UZI!

Now that I think about it, Uzi has been accused of worshipping Satan and MM called himself the Anti-Christ. I'm thinking something epic is about to happen.

Remember when DMX worked with Marilyn Manson? Don't get too high on the horse!

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MM is crazy, he smashes beek bottles on stage and cuts himself with it, ive seen it and its not fake either. not a fan of his music but he opened for a band called korn i like awile back