Lil Wayne Has How Many Unreleased Tracks With Juelz Santana?


It looks like we may be lucky enough to get some new heat from Wayne and Juelz! According to Juelz Santana, he and Lil Wayne have recorded at least 20 unreleased tracks together.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) As you know, Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ is one of the most anticipated albums of this year.

Cool of Cool & Dre previously revealed that he’d been in the studio cooking up with Wayne, and Now Juelz says he and Wayne have so many tracks together that still haven’t even seen the light! It makes me wonder will he drop any this year.

Santana sat down with Complex where he detailed his forthcoming “comeback”. Juelz revealed that he lost a good amount of their collaborative music back in 2011 when he was arrested on drug and weapon charges.

“When the police raided my studio, I had about 100 records. I had my hard drive back I had nothing. Sh-t was erased. I think I got a couple more records left for Wayne we didn’t put out from that time but a lot of records were on that hard drive.”

“Wayne may still have the records. He would send me his verse, I would send him my verse,” said Juelz.

Unfortunately Juelz lost his studio during his legal trouble. He considered it to be a major loss also because the studio was home to many recording artists.

While I know that some may argue that the music may sound a little bit dated, I’d still love to hear it. I bet you its 100 times better than most of today’s music.

Juelz maintains that he and Wayne are still very close, and they could drop a project right now. Do you think Juelz will be on ‘Tha Carter V’? Would you like to seem them drop a mixtape together?