Lil' Wayne's Exes Have Some Words For Christina Milian Crying Over Him!


It seems like everyone had an opinion about Christina Milian crying on national television over Lil' Wayne, especially his exes. Let's be honest, no one took Wayne & Christina Milian serious together as a couple except Christina. Christina Milian claims that her and Weezy broke up because she found an Instagram photo of a woman wearing booty shorts and a sports bra posing in the rapper's house! She claims that although Wayne initially tried to deny he was close with the anonymous girl, the proof was all in the picture. Christina was crying saying she's never loved anyone the way she loves Lil' Wayne, not even her ex-husband The Dream. Even though Wayne''s ex-wife Toya Wright was crying over Lil' Wayne on television as well, she took the time to leave the "sleeping" emoji under a post of Christina crying. Fans let her have it, but she replied saying she could do that because her and Wayne started from the bottom. Karrine "Superhead" Steffans also tweeted,

"Don't be on TV crying over a man who belongs to the world. You're better than that. You're better than him. Love, Kween Mutha."

After Lil' Wayne and his baby mama club happened, we never thought he'd slow down. Do Karrine & Toya have the right to have an opinion?

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