Lil Xan Still Loves His Starbucks!

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Lil Xan let it be known recently that he would not boycott Starbucks.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Lil Xan has risen in the Hip Hop community using his troll-like antics. The young rapper has a mostly teenage fanbase that has been spearheading his ascension.

Xan caught some flack earlier this year for his comments about Tupac Shakur. He would eventually apologize after his words caught up with him when he ran into trouble with a group of high schoolers who didn't take kindly to his comments about Pac.

The rapper is now making headlines again after being asked about the current racial issues between the African-American community and Starbucks. TMZ cameras caught up with the Xan as he exited a local Starbucks.

Lil Xan was out with fellow rapper Steven Cannon and they proudly displayed their Starbucks products. This kinda only shows how out of touch they truly are with the Hip-Hop community they claim to love.

I never knew Iced Lattes could cause so much tension. The ironic thing is that latte is looking like it's about to last longer than Lil Xan's rap career!

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