Lil Yachty Explains Why He Wore The "F*ck Joe Budden" Shirt


Apparently Lil Yachty just confirmed that he still believes that Joe Budden is a hater.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, it's pretty obvious that Joe Budden and Lil Yachty still aren't rocking with each other. No one can forget Joe's interview with Yachty on Complex's 'Everyday Struggle'.

Yachty recently wore a "F*ck Joe Budden" sweatshirt during his concert.

It seemed pretty obvious as to why Yachty would be wearing the sweatshirt, but he took time to provide his own explanation on Instagram.

"Lol a fan through on stage from the crowd and I put it on, cuz what a hater gotta say that's why, all dese broke n-ggas lucky it's free to make a comment on someone's post. Cus if u had to pay to make a statement... it would be a lot less talk," said Yachty.

Yachty and Joe also made us laugh last week with their tweets.

Twitter user @Stone_Marley tweeted,

"Ya'll really hate to see people happy yo."

Joe Budden replied with,

"I'll never understand that sh-t smh."

Then Lil Yachty tweeted the thinking/contemplating emoji as to basically point out the irony since Joe previously told him that he didn't believe he was truly happy.

Maybe one day Joe & Lil Yachty will put aside their differences, but as of right now, we know where they both stand. LOL.

Are you team Joe Budden or Lil Yachty?

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