Lil Yachty & Orlando Brown Send Some Hilarious Shots At Soulja Boy!


Chris Brown isn’t the only person fed up with Soulja Boy. Lil Yachty and Orlando Brown have a little bit of time for the “Crank That” rapper as well.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Soulja Boy became this week’s favorite joke when his interview with DJ Vlad hit the net. Soulja Boy tells a story that seems to be both fabricated and fradulent about him once shooting and killing a robber.

Social media wasted no time jumping in on the #SouljaBoyChallenge recreating the hilarious interview, and roasting the rapper.

Everyone from Joe Budden to comedians DC Young Fly, and Michael Blackson decided to get in on the fun.

I was waiting in the wings to see if Lil Yachty would jump in on the challenge, and sure enough, he couldn’t resist it. Their short-lived beef last year was quite interesting.

Lil Yachty decided to actually pick on Soulja Boy by pretending to be him. Yachty’s fabled story is about Soulja Boy once shooting his own uncle because he tried to scuff his Jordans.

Yachty also pokes fun at SB by saying he hasn’t had a hit since “Kiss Me Through The Phone,” and he used to sell ringtones. Yachty then pretends to cry [as Soulja Boy] because he feels like no one listens to his music anymore. LOL.

Then fans trolled Orlando Brown into thinking Soulja Boy was talking about him, so Brown immediately went off!

“I’m not about to quarrel with a n-gga that humps his homeboys,” said Brown.
“Everyone knows you hump your n-ggas. And you are happy about it; happy about rubbing d-cks.”

Orlando Brown also takes a shot at Soulja Boy’s former pal Arab. An associate of Arab once claimed that he was tired of being in the shadow of Soulja Boy and wanted to do his own thing, so he left.

“Tell the truth; shame the devil.” said Brown. LOL Orlando calls Arab his gay Lad that can’t rap either. He claims Arab left Soulja Boy’s camp because he was sucking Soulja Boy’s d-ck.

Aww man Orlando and one of his friends even jumped on SB’s “Crank That” record to record a diss song.

It’s to my understanding that a professional troll told folks to go on Orlando’s page and tell him that Soulja Boy had been talking about him to get him started. It looks like it worked lol.

It’s truly Soulja Boy Vs. Everybody, and it’s only January 3rd!