Lizzo Denies Stealing Lyrics From Tweets!


Lizzo is one of the hottest new artists and she's coming under intense fire.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lizzo is now a big star. After being an underground phenom, the rapper/singer must now know what it's like to blow all the way up, because she's under fire. She's know now and there are pains that come with that. Recently, Lizzo made a move to trademark a phrase: "I'm 100% That B#tch." The people are gravitating to the phrase and she has a lyric too boot. Here is the performance where she says it in "Truth Hurts."

The issue seems to be that another person tweeted this almost exactly to the letter in 2017.

Earlier in the year, she defended herself from those that says she's a copy cat.

Lizzo says that she saw it on a meme and has given that meme credit.

Now in Lizzo's defense, she - I think - is honest in what she is saying. In the internet stuff is floating around the internet and it goes from there. This has happened to me too. Some dudes started a record label with the name "Illseed" in it and it pissed me off. I know they took it from me, because I created it! How can you put that phrased together like that? On the flip side, I bet they didn't think a little rap site would rise to be a game changing movement. Stuff happens. The chick that apparently created this phrase isn't buying it.

I hope this person gets over it. This isn't really a thing and she known it. If it is, people have to take it more serious, because it ain't a game.

I have to ride with Lizzo on this one.