LOL: Drake Curves Actress & Urges Quavo To Pay Up


Drake certainly had an entertaining week.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake is slowly becoming Hip Hop’s International Man of Mystery. This has been a headline blazing week for the self proclaimed “Champagne Papi.”

It all began on Sunday night at a Golden Globes after party where he is rumored to have rekindled his past romance with Zoe Kravitz. While the rumor may be speculation. It might have some substance to him as Drake always went viral twice to begin the week.

The first viral video features Drake apparently curving actress/comedian Bresha Webb as she reached for his hand in an attempt for a dance. In the clip Drake can be seen declining the offer at the Golden Globes after party. To Drake's defense, he was DJing at the time.

The second viral footage shows Drake ecstatic after placing a wager on the Alabama/Georgia football game.

Monday night saw Alabama win a thrilling College Football Playoff game. The game against fellow SEC opponent Georgia was for the National Championship.

Georgia led for most of the game until Alabama rallied in the second half. The second half rally eventually led to Alabama winning the game in overtime with an dazzling touchdown pass.

Drake, always the passionate sports fan, took to social media after the game to express himself. Drake took shots at Migos rapper Quavo in the Instagram clip. Alluding to a bet that the two made before the game started.

“Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy!,” said Drake while taunting Quavo and referencing the Travis Scott/Quavo joint release.

Fellow Georgian 2 Chainz was also in the room with Drake watching the game and looked disappointed with the finish. Drake would also name Alabama coach Nick Saban "Best Coach of All Time" as he spoke with Quavo on a call and continued to taunt him.

"I'll come pick you up from the airport... yeah, dat way!," said Drake. Mr. Graham is a funny man at times and Monday he was thrilled to get the last laugh.

Drake is a proud sports fan. He currently holds a position with the Toronto Raptors as their NBA Global Ambassador.

Tuesday he also took to Instagram to showcase his vintage LeBron James high school basketball jersey.

Do you think Quavo will pay Drake his National Championship Huncho Jack chips?

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