LOL: Nicki And Quavo Laughing At Everybody!

Nicki Minaj clears up some of the rumors of beef with Migos.

(AllHipHop Rumors) They got these fools! Me included! Nicki and the don Quavo are seen here chilling in some environment. Now, backtrack a bit. Remember it seemed like Nicki had beef with Migos - Quavo specifically - for not riding for her in the midst of some vague issue with Cardi B? She had the whole Nicki-Barb-Hive thingy going at the Migos, and even Q. Well, now we are seeing things a bit different. PEEP:

Straight up. This definitely seems a bit childish for a woman in her mid-30's and a dude in his late 20's. I could be wrong. Just running interference with unnecessarily noise.

Well, I guess it worked since I am writing about her and not Cardi B.

Speaking of Cardi, both Beyonce and the rapper are both appearing at Coachella, which is where Nicki was partying.

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Nicki gon have them boys in there scrapping it out. Quavo and Offset are close but Cardi is that man's fiance and child's mother and Nicki has stopped playing politics and is at Cardi's head at this point. Just keep away for the time being Q