LOL! Shannon Sharpe Threatens Drake & His Father


Shannon isn't playing about his #WCW!

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Recently, Virginia Black Whiskey released a new commercial featuring Drake, his father Dennis Graham, and Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy.

The commercial itself depicts Drake and Nicole making eye contact and showing a lot of sexual tension.

While the vast majority would see the commercial for what it is, entertainment, one man in particular doesn’t seem to be too impressed.

Shannon Sharpe, ESPN front man and former NFL player, has an apparent crush on Ms. Murphy.

He was not at all here for the steamy ad, and took to his Twitter to “jokingly” proclaim,

“Ya’ll tryna get Drake and his Pops f’d up”.

It’s not very clear if he meant this jokingly, although we’d like to think he did.

Could there be a sparring match for Nicole’s heart in the works? If so, my money’s on the man with the deeper pockets…he can hire the hitman.

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