Lonzo Ball Is Still Talking About Nas


Come on, Bruh! Leave the god's name out ya mouth! It costs nothing! Ball still talking Nas!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Not really sure why Lonzo Ball is still talking about Nas, but I guess he’s not well versed in media training. So, when ESPN asks you a question, you answer it.

Here is what he had to say:

“They told me that the goal for the next two months was [to get me to listen] to real Hip Hop, I replied, ‘That’s not gon’ happen. And the first person who popped into my head was Nas, because obviously he’s real Hip Hop. So I’m like, ‘Nobody listens to Nas no more,’ which I think is true, because of my friends ain’t nobody bumping Nas no more. No disrespect to him. He had his time, I just think it’s a new time. And then the next question was, what is real hip-hop to you? And I said, ‘Real hip-hop is Future and Migos.’ So that’s how it all went down … everybody went crazy with it, but that’s my side right there.”

MAN, I ain’t even mad at the kid. He’s 19. There is a bit more context to the statement when you analyze how it went down.

But why does a 40-something year old Nas look younger than Lonzo?


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No. 1-1

It's cool. He has the right to be wrong. Just stop using his age as an excuse.