Looks Like Cardi B And Offset Are Headed For Divorce


Cardi B drops a bombshell! She and Offset are breaking up.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sometimes it is hard to believe that Cardi and Offset are married. They have a kid, but their life is bonkers in a way that seems like they are going steady or something from high school. Welp. Cardi B dropped the bomb on IG. She says that they are no longer together. She admits they are cool and there is no beef, but they are not together. At first, we thought it was a joke or a troll move. But, then I saw a comment from Offset that said "Ya'll won." And it seemed very serious, even as a short statement. What say YOU and do you care? Check it out.

They were just showing love a couple days ago.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Fake love.rappers having babies thinking that's swag.niggas been doin thats since 08.some of the relationships didn't work like "tyga and chyna" "wiz khalifa and amber rose" "Ciara and future" shit is a joke.

No. 1-2

DANG!!! Nobody could have seen this coming.. Who would've though that an ex-stripper and a gangsta mumble rapper who constantly degrades women in his music wouldn't be able to stay together in holy matrimony.