Looks Like There May Be More Tupac Songs On The Way!

Are you ready for more music from Don Tupac?

(AllHipHop Rumors) The gods of music smile upon us. A day after Mike Tyson allegedly defends the honor of Tupac, we get word that there may be new music from the legendary rapper!! Do we want there to me more music from Tupac in 2019? Before you answer that question, lets discuss the source. Suge Knight, Jr. is coming with the info. There is not a LOT here, but around the 15-minute mark, he makes the reveal.

This is the same man that alleged in the past that Tupac was still alive. He has now backed all the way off that idea, thank God!

So, are you ready for more music from Pac? I am interested in it. I want to hear more about the Pac that was unifying the coasts. I am not so interested in the guy that pushed beefs to the limits! Fight me!

Just seeing this!

Young bucks are just out there dissing Tupac for no good reason.