Looks Like We Know What The Cops Did With Remy Ma And That Alleged Assault!

Did the cop slap an ankle bracelet on Remy Ma? Hmmmmmmm....

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma. You gotta love her. I certainly do. Recently, she allegedly did something we should not love. She allegedly punched her former Love And Hip-Hop cast mate Brittany Taylor right in the eye! This new image of Brittany Taylor is crazy, because she really looks beat up, as opposed to the other picture where she looked like she got an eye jammie.

Remy has been laying low, for the most part. But, recently she was seen out and about with her brother Fat Joe. The internets looked at saw that she had on an ankle bracelet. The type you wear when the cops want to know where you are or they want to tell you to be in the house by a certain hour. Remy didn't try to hide it or anything so, I assume she's not ashamed. Check it out:

I am going to assume that she's still not required to wear a monitor of this sort for her conviction a few years back or the probation she's on now. I know a few years ago, she talked about having a curfew and being a law abiding citizen. In American culture there is a presumption of guilt, despite what people say. I hope this is some surreal misunderstanding, but I think it is going to get messy.

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I hope her strength won't get her into more troubles..