Looks Like XXXTentacion Just Quit The Rap Game

XXXTentacion is sick and tired of the game so much that he claims to be walking away from $6 millie!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Can any of us just walk away from a $6 million deal? Apparently, the one and only XXXTentacion can! I think all the drama and controversy is wearing the guy down. I know it would for me. Some of this he brought on himself, acting allegedly all rapey and stuff. Then other things like getting knocked out at your own concert. And then, most recently, he got into a fight with a fan.

I just think he’s getting down on himself. He’s not even 21 yet. Look at what he put on something social media. Looks like Instasnap.

Cool dude.dat Biggs xxxtentacion need a bitch and a baby deal.give em that bag so he won't be sad...be a dad

Man this dude here.

all these artists talk about retiring when they 1st start are doing it for the money(clearly)........


should have never signed the deal, they just wanted to get him for hanging that kid in his video