Lord Jamar Didn't Want To Be The One To Address Biggie's Gay Lyrics


Lord Jamar feels that real and core Hip Hop fans don't want to hear gay lyrics or support a gay rapper.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lord Jamar recently sat down with DJ Vlad and made some interesting claims.

Before he expressed some controversial opinions about gay individuals in Hip Hop, him and Vlad reflected on some of Biggie's suspect lyrics.

"You said it Vlad not me....What I'm saying is, you're bringing this up. Cause I been noticed this about mad sh-t that Big said, and I love Big, and I know people love Big. I ain't wanna be the one to bring this up, but you brought it up," said Vlad.

He then went on to quote some of Biggie's questionable lyrics.

"F-ck him in the ass throw him over the bridge.....I'll f-ck RuPaul before I f-ck them ugly Xscape b-tches," rapped Lord Jamar as he quoted Big.

Lord Jamar cleared up one of his own lyrics as he said that he won't ever have any gay lyrics.

He also said that there aren't any male outwardly gay rappers that are poppin'.

According to Vlad, a rapper with multiple hit songs could be the only successful gay rapper to come out and win.

Lord Jamar says that Hip Hop is not about sexuality and it's not music for gay people, so he believes that if an established rapper came out, they'd lose their fan base.

Apparently he feels that house music and electric music has been for gay people. According to him, the real core true Hip Hop audience isn't f-cking with a gay rapper.

Why are people so obsessed with and bothered by other's sexuality? Should people's talent be the only thing people care about?

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Big was that dude but he def had some suspect lyrics, but he was riding with Puff so that says it all.


Who the he77 is "Bigigie"?


Well. And I quote. "You look so good i'd suck on your daddies dick -Biggie