Ludacris Threatens To Fight Fan After Thrown Cup

Ludacris let out his inner streets of rage at a recent concert.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(Rumors) Rapper Ludacris is one of Hip-Hop's most entertaining. The rapper is a worldwide superstar.

As a Hip-Hop entertainer, Ludacris has many Platinum & Gold albums. He has also conquered the box office as an actor.

Literally there's not much that he can't do. He has a hosted the MTV series "Fear Factor" and even owned restaurants.

He lives the lavish life of a star. Even requesting chicken wings and a fresh hair brush for his dressing rooms.

Ludacris is literally living the life of the rich and famous. Well at least he was until recently.

At a recent concert a fan threw a cup at Ludacris while he performed and Ludacris threatened to beat the living day lights out the guy.

I guess you can say the act was ludicrous.