Lupe Fiasco Tries...To Give Context To "Slavery Was A Choice"


Is Lupe Fiasco caping for Kanye or just giving good context to a misunderstood man.

(AllHipHop Rumors) At this point, I am sick of Kanye West. Period. I do believe that if there was a vote to cancel him, he'd be a goner. So, we have to contend with this until an album drops? Why can't we just ignore him? Anyway, he did an interview with TMZ today and that interview resulted in a huge outrage when he essentially said, "Slavery was a choice." Those weren't his exact words, but close enough. Everybody is all and justifiably so. Lupe Fiasco...wallowed in and added his always unique point of view.

Is this a case of being too smart? I can say that Kanye's "speech" is getting really spooking and beyond "problematic," a word Erykah Badu dislikes.