Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Eminem "Killshot"?

Holla! Does MGK have a new diss or is it just...a miss?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Everybody is anxious for a diss from MGK towards Eminem. I can't lie to you. I'm still vibing off that "Rap Devil" track. But, the innanets seems to want more and more and more from the young Cleveland rapper after Eminem gas lit their beef with "Killshot." Now, there has been an overwhelming consensus that Eminem ultimately won the battle or that it was a tie. I am one of the few that feels the opposite, all things considered. But my views are not important. The people are now clamoring over a new song that is being considered a diss...shade, if you will.

Here is the download link, but I won't lie to you and say its worth it.

I am going to say that the is just a song and somebody heard shots fired and called it an "Eminem diss," because there is very little proof it is shady. Remember, his last song was venom with names named and all that. This he doe neither.

He also did an interview with The Breakfast Club explaining quite a lot. Some have cried foul on this, but I'm baffled. The Breakfast Club is on Diddy's Revolt. And yes, Joe Budden is too and they are all cool. So? Sway is cool with Eminem, he "owns" Shade45 and so on and so forth. I think anybody that could, would interview MGK right now. And nobody gets to interview Eminem, but those that will ask th

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What language is this written in? Because it's not English...