Machine Gun Kelly Tricked People Into Dissing Eminem At Fallout Boy Show!

Machine Gun Kelly has been battling Eminem in a rap feud, but now he has the fans to worry about as well.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Machine Gun Kelly is currently involved in a rap feud with Eminem and it's getting wild.

The two artists have traded diss records back and forth causing fans to choose sides.

The excitement of the competition has led fans to passionately defend each emcee. Skeletons are being revealed from their closets and the rappers' secrets are coming into the spotlight.

One fan recently took to social media in defense of Eminem in this feud between the rappers.

While defending Em, the fan would let the world know the true behind a photo Kelly posted recently.

Machine Gun Kelly was performing in front of a sold out crowd when he posed for a photo wearing a shirt featuring the cover for Eminem's "Killshot" diss record.

After getting fans to pose for the photo, Kelly would perform his Eminem "Rap Devil' diss record, but the crowd booed him.

Fans are now speaking out and saying that Kelly was wearing a sweatshirt or jacket when he asked them to throw up middle fingers for a photo.

However, Kelly would turn his back to the crowd and take his outwear off to show the t shirt seen in the photo.

This is why fans begin to boo the rapper while he performed his diss record.

The crazier thing is all of this happened at a Fall Out Boy concert that Machine Gun Kelly was opening for.

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I gotta admit that was a lot of middle fingers lmaoooooo i wsa like, "MGK has legions of fans on a level i had no idea!!


smh nice try though mgk