Man Almost Gets Decapitated Trying To Get Amber Rose's Attention!

AllHipHop Staff

A fight broke out at the door of an Amber Rose event and it didn't end well for dude.

(AllHipHop Rumors)Amber Rose barely escaped with her safety at Decades DC on Sunday when a drunk fellow decided to try and bully his way into an event.

Amber was due to be at the event but, luckily, had not yet arrived. Shortly before her SUV arrived, the man was wrestled to the ground after he was trying to push through the bouncers that sat at the door.

He was tackled down and nearly was decapitated as a car raced by. The tire rolled by only inches away from the man’s head.

Fortunately, he was not killed. Rose was rushed into the event as the scuffle took place. No one knows what caused such a ruckus...but it’s easy to assume that he’s a fan of Rose.