MAN! Black People Fighting At DisneyLand!

You embarrassing us! Damn you Black people in Cali! We were rooting for you!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Unless you were under a rock, you had to see the Black people fighting each other at DisneyLand. Now, first of all...this is not the place in Florida that costs, an arm, a leg and a pint of blood. This is the other place in Cali where they offer a lower price point and basically anybody can get in. This is why this happening in Cali makes it make sense.

But it does not make it any less ignorant. Look at this!

First of all, this is a family fighting each other! Secondly, we see the men hitting the women! They didn't even hit each other. Thirdly, I cannot wait for the end result of this, because this is a terrible stain on Disney! Nobody wants to see this mess when they are out with their family! And you already know they were whispering, "Gosh DAMN N#gger$!"

One fool was on there hitting all the women and talking about going to jail. Well, he will get his wish!

Remember this: this ain't all Black people. This is some family that has such a toxic relationship that they openly strike each other as one of the most happiest places on Earth! Lastly, I didn't see the men hit each other, did they?

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Tom T
Tom T

Most people are afraid to point out that this kinda behavior is not uncommon in the hood. Their kids see insane anger, violence, hate on a daily basis. Twerking and disrupting claddroond I'd idolized. Yet we cannot talk about it for fear of being called a racist or uncle Tom, and the plague continues on and on.