Man Goes Savage At Joyner Lucas For “I’m Not A Racist”


Did Joyner Lucas miss the mark on "I'm Not A Racist"? One man got ballistic on the rapper over the song.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know who this brother is in this video, but he is going HAM on Joyner Lucas. And, quite frankly, he’s got some points. In fact, he’s got so many points, its a great think there are no balloons near him. Get it? Anyway, people of a certain “wokeness” realize that the Black side of the song “I’m Not A Racist” is pretty lame all the way down to the hug at the end.

It has provided quite the discussion, which is the point to begin with. But check this out and tell me your thoughts.

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I agree with this speaker 100%. If you're gonna self deprecate do it honestly.