Man Involved In Altercation With Migos Says They Are All Brothers


Apparently the Migos fight with the fella 3x their size was nothing more than a brotherly quarrel.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rap trio Migos were caught on camera getting into what appeared to be a physical altercation with Instagram celeb Kane Kong outside the W Hotel in Manhattan after the group performed at the New York Powerhouse concert.

Quavo and Offset were seen on camera in the scuffle, but now Kane Kong is clearing the air about the situation.

According to Kane it was just a brotherly fight.

"N-ggas keep tagging me in this Migos situation bruh. The sh-t wasn't even supposed to be recorded so that's that. Me and them brothers; brothers fight. It was a misunderstanding. We went to the club right after that bruh. We went to a show the next day. We laughed about that sh-t. We joked about that sh-t. Me and Quavo was joking about that sh-t. It was nothing bruh. N-ggas making a big deal out of nothing bruh," said Kane.

Well it's good to know that it was nothing serious, because I definitely don't think the whole group could hold their own against him. LOL. Carrry on!

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