Man Says TechN9ne Is Getting Jerked By His White Business Partner!

Is this just some silly tea or some heavy, deep accusations of betrayal of one of Hip-Hop's favorites?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well. Men spilling tea is rapidly becoming all the rage! I am not sure that I invented this, but I feel like a precursor. The difference between me and others is that I would often times NOT say names or would NOT put stuff out there that was overtly embarrassing to a rap artist or the culture. These days, things have changed and secrets don't stay that way for long.

So, let us move over to the shocking rumor about the big homie TechN9ne! For the longest we have saluted TechN9ne for being a self-made millionaire that has continued to maintain his indie empire Strange Music. A recent post on IG has made it clear that there could be some funny biz between him and his business partner, a man named Travis O'Guin. Here are the allegations in black-n-white so I do not mis represent them. This all originally posted by a man named Menacity, who has some affiliation with Tech and appears to despise Travis.

”If for Some Reason, somebody put a Hit on me for the sake of personal security, my dying wish would be for the @therealtechn9ne to see this post.
You own STOCK in the Corporation, NOT the Buildings, Nor the tangible assets like the Vans. Those are actually owned by a SEPARATE holding company owned by your Partner called "Tyrant Holdings" that actually rents and leases those assets to Strange Music at a monthly cost. So when Strange Music goes on Tour or sells Albums, it then has to take that money and pay "rent" and "car notes" to a separate Company, even though they are already technically paid for in full and owned by your Partner.
Essentially making Strange pay for it twice. And successfully taking money out your pocket, and putting it all in his. You own stock in a Company that is technically Broke, because it has to take all the money you earn, and give it back to your Partners OTHER Companies. Therefore your partner gets all the tax incentives, and you don't get anything more than a salary and some show money, because YOUR Company has to "Pay" all YOUR EXTRA PROFIT Back.
You have 5 buildings not because you need them... But because "on paper", your making TOO MUCH for your tax bracket, and technically just "blowing" the money back into your Partners multiple bank accounts, for his own earnings & tax write-offs.
For Example: the company that owns the front offices at StrangeWorld, is actually a separate company from the company that owns the Studios upstairs at StrangeLand. Which are both still separate from the company that owns the Soundstage.
And what Strange has to do is use YOUR profit to pay rent 3 different ways, to 3 different companies, just to use the facilities. Money that just ends up going back to your Partner in the long run. Now expand this across the entire Campus and Fleet of vehicles. It's not "One Conglomerate Empire" that it "Fronts" to be. Now, just know If he cared about you, it shouldn't take exposure beforehand.
If he tells you "No, its not True", he's trying to save face and its a lie.
You have the right to your own Personal Attorney. You have the right to be vested in Tangible ownership..."

On a positive note, it seems like TechN9ne has his mind and energy right.

I honestly feel that it is easy for us to judge or to comment on the business of others, especially when they are on the come up. So, I am not sure how factual this post is, but I am not going to judge too harshly. Tech 9 ain't talking about it so I am not sure that I feel comfortable commenting further since he is such a good dude.

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also note that Tech had a messy divorce so who's to say that it wasn't set up like this on purpose to hide assets and money from the now ex wife? Sure he has to break bread with her but probably not as much as he would have done without the way his corporate structure is set up.


!!!!DAMN!!!!! I've ALWAYS hated gossip/rumors because anyone can make some shit up about anything......that being said. Whoever this dude is knows a hell of a lot about Corporate business structure & accounting practice's. If he's lying then he's one of the GREATEST to ever do it because most African American/Black/Latino's don't know shit about what he explained & thoroughly broke down!!! Whether he speaks on it or not Tech-9 should have his OWN (NOT Company) Accountant's/Attorney's looking into this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!