Man Shot The Same Time Nipsey Hussle Was Murdered, Tries To Get Out Of Jail!


The world mourns Nip, but another man is in the fight of his life!

(AllHipHop Rumors) So, much has been made of the man that was shot and paralyzed at the same time Nipsey Hussle was murdered in cold blood two weeks ago. Well, the brother is trying to save his life...he did like 25+ years in the bing and then was in a half way house for 7 months. Now, there is one thing that has been misunderstood in the news. And that is the notion that dude was going to MEETwith Nipsey to get free clothing. In this video, he refutes this notion.

He's 56 years old and is on "life parole." This is kind of the same thing as Meek Mill but forever. He said he was headed to a friend whose family member died. He said he DID NOT try to meet with with Nip, as the LAPD are trying to say. He claims he went inside Marathon Clothing to get a shirt but left because they didn't have what he was looking for. He went to ask Nip a question and then the guns blew!

Now, he may be in jail for another 10 years for Parole Violation for associating with a known gang member. But Nip was meeting with the cops to stop the violence, a rapper and a business man people love.

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