Man Threatens To Kill Beyonce Online


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There are some very sick people in the world, and most of them are active on social media. An Instagram user, @Aviante4921, has been reported to authorities for threatening to murder Beyonce on Instagram. The user has since deleted their social media account, but we are sure authorities will be able to track them down. The person made the threat in the comment section of Beyonce's mother Tina Lawson’s Instagram account. The comment read,

“I’m going to assassinate your daughter master plan I could only imagine what that blood smells like that movie Carmen she played in is coming back to hunt her. Yeah n*gga bottom lip in mouth face evil as f*ck.”

A fan commented on Lawson's page saying they reported the individual to the authorities. Tina replied saying,

“Thank you, Jfintel. I just reported him to the authorities as well they are on it as he just threatened murder and sexual assault in a public forum and is obviously a sick cowardly uneducated racist pervert.”

It has been reported that the threat and individual are being investigated by the FBI.