Mannie Fresh Claims There Are Still Unresolved Issues Between Lil Wayne & Birdman


Just when we thought it was all good between Birdman and Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh says that despite their reunion on their latest track, 'Hate', the two Cash Money execs still have plenty of work to do on their relationship. Mannie Fresh told Genius,

“Everything is not resolved with [Birdman] and Wayne, but I overcame it by saying to them, we can resolve all that behind the curtain, but for now, let’s make music for the people. When it all started coming together, the brotherly love came out. We did the song, then, I wish you the best, we should do it more often," said Mannie Fresh.

Mannie Fresh says he still considers them family, and in families you are going to go through your issues. He went on to say,

"If anyone was gonna put it back together, it was me."

Wayne and Birdman certainly have history, but one would think this reunion would still be a bit awkward.