Mariah Carey Bans Cell Phones At Her Shows?

No Cell Phones At Mariah's Shows?

Mariah Carey’s downward slide is becoming more apparent. While she’s still a personal favorite, she is about to be inducted in the Struggle Hall of Fame if things continue like this. The singer, who is known for her crazy singing range, has reportedly banned cell phones from her shows. She has been caught lip-synching recently and she says no more! I don’t know how credible “naughty gossip” is but this is what they are saying:

After all the lip syncing videos of Mariah Carey surfaced the diva has demands – “no more cell phones are allowed at my concerts.”

“Mariah wants to hide the evidence but doesn’t understand how difficult it is to get everyone to hand over their phones,” a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “She is demanding NO phones at her Vegas show, or she will not perform.”

I think I want Mariah to get back with Nick and smooth this out.

Source: Naughty Gossip