Marine Tells Jim Jones He Could Shoot Him From Another Zip Code

A clapback from Jim Jones over his delayed marriage to Chrissy turned serious.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Despite the fact that there has been no date put into place for when Offset and Cardi B will get married, most folks seem to believe that they'll still get married before Jim Jones & Chrissy!

Jim Jones got mighty defensive when clapping back at an Instagram user over his comments on the situation.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe Chrissy proposed to Jim first, then Jim turned around and did it the traditional way by proposing to her.

Jim told the fan,

"I see u on my dick and on my lady dick so when I see u you know the rest this one on the house might as well spend all ya money on security lol cause this is to easy didn't ur mommy tell u mind ur fuckin business no u gotta deal with it fact machine lol I know exactly who ur r buddy lil broke b-tch. lol see you soon. Watch how things go south for u."

@Heshandsome_ replied to Jones with,

"I'm glad you peep the stripes too. Just know I can be a ghost if need be. You shouldn't threaten a man who can personally shoot you from another zipcode."

While Jim Jones was arguing on social media with the fan, it looks like he and Chrissy have been trading subliminal messages on Instagram also.

Chrissy posted that she wanted to be the girl who makes a man's bad days better; the girl that makes him say his life has changed since he met her. Jim reposted Chrissy's post telling her that his life had changed and it keeps getting better because of her.

It was all good until Chrissy posted,

"I don't trust words; I trust actions." adding "N-ggas lie every day Bee."

Well it sounds like Chrissy is fed up! Marry that girl Jim!

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@ZUBU bruh. . . she proposed to him like 8 years ago tho ahahaha. but on another note. . . that guy said he could shoot him from another zip code. you mean area code idiot. . . zip code could be right across the street lmfao

@Breeze315, I feel what you saying, but Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for over 30 ears and have not married. Brad Pitt and Ang. Jolie were together for many years before they married, to each his own......................................................................................................... You're right another zip code could be across the street. Also if dude was really a Marine and a shooter like that he wouldn't boast about it. Most men who have experienced real combat want to forget about that ish

Prenuptial Agreement if she just want to the title. If not then not. & i suspect thats the hold up. When you getting major loot, the business says you gotta get a prenupt

Who gives a shit what these two do in their personal lives. People are way too involved in each others shit these days. It's fucking disgusting.

Online weirdos with no real life friends worried when a rapper will get married....