Marvel Asked To Return "Black" Panther Profits To The Black Community!

New petition asks Marvel to return money to the Black community!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) "Black Panther" is expected to make close to $170 million its opening weekend. The film has already had jaw-dropping presale ticket orders. It's even made the state of Georgia over $90 million dollars already.

The figures are staggering and the income will only continue to increase. This has lead to the creation of a petition online. The petition is calling for a return of 25% of all income made from the film to African-American communities. "Black Panther" follows the story of T’Challa, the fictional king of the African nation of Wakanda.

The Marvel story is born from the history of Africans and their targets that demographic. There's no doubt that African-Americans will come out in huge numbers to see the film. That doesn't even include international audiences and consumers would later buy duplicated copies of the film and other products.

Which brings us to the petition and why it has been started.

African-Americans are the biggest consumers in the United States. Not only do we buy more good than others, but we also make goods more popular than others. The numbers have been seen with this film. It's perfectly targeted towards African-American consumers and African consumers worldwide.

Marvel is already and will continue to make huge sums from the product and its subsequent sequel. The petition simply asks that 25% percent of all profits be returned to the Black community it depicts and has targeted throughout their promotional campaign.

Do you think Marvel should return 25% of Black Panther's profits to the Black community?

Why would they do that?? Nobody gets Money hand outs if a movie gets made. Why do black people always want better treatment than anybody else? Ask Diddy or all the Athlete Multi Millionaires for Money. Dont wonder or cry if they wont make Sequel because if this f*ckery

The Hip Hop Klansmen is at it again. First of all, Black people have never asked for better treatment just equal treatment, which we're still waiting for. Second, don't think because Hip Hop has accepted you that everything in the world is equal in the world. But I do agree that nobody should HAVE to give any other person anything. But if you don't know why anybody would even suggest Marvel doing this, then you're way out of touch with how bad things are in the black community. But with you being a Klansmen I wouldn't expect you to be in touch. As far as a sequel goes, petitions won't decide whether a sequel is made or not, the bottom line will. I don't think I've ever seen you post on anything but race issues. Let me correct that, you make everything into a race issue. What happened? A brother banged your girl?

Nothing wrong with "asking" for a donation if that's your thing. Personally, I'd rather starve to death than ask any other man for a nickel. Especially a man who I know hates my very existence and is the one who is responsible for putting me in the position of needing to ask in the first place.

Why I knew the Black Supremacist would reply again. First of all they not asking for equal treatment they ask for special treatment. Cuz AGAIN! NOBODY give Money away to Asians when they do an Asian Movie, Nobody gives Money away to Latinos when they do an Latino Movie etc. Why do you think better than the rest?? Secondly there are more White People living in poverty than Black People so stop with the whining that the Black Community is suffering so badly, we all struggling but what else can we expect from our Black Supremacist.

you sound fuxking dumb, bro.

Get out of here. This is dumb. You didn't ask Rudy Ray Moore to make a contribution to the black community. On an even higher note. Super Man lived in Iowa small farm suburbian town. Ya'll seeking to gain personal validity by identifying with a superhero cause he from Africa, Is a King, and has subjects who are basically slaves. Says allot about what you think you of yourselves. My ancestors were Share Croppers poor hard working who fought hard so their kids could have education and opportunities. But who you are is not appealing to you. This movie doesn't represent the BLACK Community in America. This Hero isn't the identity that will supplant ideas of ignorance in America. Nor is it a model for other black youths to look to. Its a movie.

Creating a petition to try and pressure a company into giving you money, in my opinion, is wrong. If they chose to do it out of the kindness of their hearts than that's awesome but coming out and making a petition? Really? Then you'll have a bunch of goofs out there looking at them in a negative light if they didn't do it just because a petition was made to do it.

Hey dopey, you said that all black people needed to stop wanting special treatment, don't switch it up now. I haven't been to a trailer park in a while so I can't speak for the condition of it, but I'm in the hood every day, if not every other day. And how do you know what monies Asians and Latinos are getting from movies? And you say that Black people should only go to Puffy and the athletes for help? We shouldn't be eligible for a govt bailout? That's only for whites huh? And do you frequent this website of what's considered a mostly black genre just to make everything about race? You seem to have personal issues. I guess you're one of the poor white boys who blame all of your failures on others huh? Here's a suggestion: Take off the timbs and the fitted, put on a suit, and slick your hair back, your struggles should disappear easily. See how it feels when somebody from another race tells you what to do when there's no way that they could possibly understand? Klansman, I will not let you slide with your klan tactics. Not one bit.


lmao smh we are ridiculous. we just cant let this mostly black cast and major successful black superhero movie do its thing without something negative. how about when our brothers and sisters make movies we go out and support them? how many multimillionaire black people are giving back to the community? im tired of my people asking for hand outs GET UP GET OUT AND GET YOURS LIKE EVERY OTHER RACE ON THE PLANET. yall embarrassing af.

Rudy Ray Moore , really? what from them huge profits from the Dolomite movies from the 70s? lol you need to relax . I agree with everything else though.

Stop cryin