Mase's Sister Confirms Whether Or Not Cam'ron Use To Smash


Was Cam really smashing his sister and Mase's?!?!?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Mase & Cam'ron heated up the 'net over the weekend with some short-lived brotherly quarrel-like rap beef.

Mase hit hard with "The Oracle" and Cam clapped back with "Dinner Time".

Killa Cam denied Mase's claims that he ever slept with his own sister, and he made sure to let it be known that he allegedly slept with Mase's sister, Stason, back in the golden days.

According to Stason, Cam never hit that.

"N-ggas get killed everyday now yall can stop tagging me on stupidity because Cam know he never slept with me and he never will. #Mase," she posted.

Hmmm it definitely seemed like he could've smashed back in the day, then again, in rap beef, you never know what a ninja might make up.

Mase & Cam are beefing, we're listening to Fabolous and Jadakiss, Dru Hill just dropped a project, Jay-Z is having a good year. This feels like the good old days.

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