Master P Gets At Rappers Showing XXXTentacion Fake Love

Veteran rapper Master P had some choice words recently for anyone showing XXXTentacion fake love.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Hip-Hop world was shocked by the sudden passing of XXXTentacion. This led to many entertainers sending their condolences.

Rappers ranged from newer emcees such as Smoke Purpp to veterans such as Kanye West. All the love seemed genuinely heartfelt.

However, one veteran emcee is speaking out against the showcase of love. That veteran is Master P.

Master P has been known to help younger rappers in the early stages of their career. The list of people he's helped ranges from Fat Trel to Meek Mill.

According to Master P, rappers such as Kanye West are fake. His reason being the same rappers didn't show him that same love when he was alive.

P may have a point because not many entertainers were speaking up to defend XXXTentacion even with the success of his last album.

As the same goes, they love you more when you're gone.