Max B Fans Have Some Bad News

Max B was getting out of jail and then the internet was told the truth.

(AllHipHop Rumors) DAMN! Max B Fans really want that man to come home! But, he is in jail for murder. In 2009, the Wavy One was sentenced to 75 years prison when he was found guilty of a deadly armed robbery. That is enough to make a grown man cry. But, he managed later to get some 50 years off that and settled for a 20 year plea deal to get out of the bing with the possiblity of some life left. This means Max B is close to being half way through his 10 year sentence. Somehow social media created a scenario that Max is coming home - NOW?

That's now how the industrial prison BEAST works! Max is going to fulfill the terms of this bid and I can see him getting more of a reduction than that. The 40-year old will be out somewhere around 50. Not so bad, eh?! His case as always been a hot button so this is no different.

The last time was 2016.