Maxo Kream Goes In On King Yella Over Fredo Santana Disrespect


King Yella continues to show love for Fredo.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) King Yella is making news again. This time for yet another headline regarding him and a potential beef.

This time the situation revolves around recently deceased Rapper Fredo Santana.

King Yella was online recently recording a livestream when another person appeared and said "F*ck Fredo."

King Yella isn't the person saying dissing him, but some people weren't happy about the video being posted at all. One of those people was Maxo Kream.

Maxo Kream was friends with Santana and took offense at the actions.

An upset Maxo Kream would take to social media to air his grievances with King Yella.

"King Yella. You's a motherf*cking b*tch," said Maxo Kream. "Y'all couldn't say it to Fredo face when he was here so talk down when he dead.," continued Maxo Kream.

King Yella would later get back online and offer his honest opinions about Fredo Santana. In that post he continued to extend his sympathies out to Fredo Santana.

All this honestly is a banal topic. Beefing over the death of loved one's ultimately results in more death, but is it worth it.

Not really. Trite issues like this ultimately harm the musicians more than the stories of their success help.

Fredo Santana's passing was unexpected and untimely, but more violence surrounding his name will make it timeworn.

Do you think King Yella was right by posting his original video online?

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guy didnt even sell ten thousand units in his entire career and yall act like he was influential or important somehow when all he really was was a heroin junkie


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