Meek And Trina Bumped Uglies? Chinese Kitty Responds To Haters!

Chinese Kitty wanna be starting something and she did.

(AllHipHop Rumors) What do we have here? A little birdie says that Meek Mill and Trina had sex! Our home girl Chinese Kitty did what they call "spilled the tea" all over the place. Just look.

First she talks about Nicki Minaj and then on the second clip, she talks about Trina and Meek.

If you are at work or something, here's how kit went: “Two weeks after we (she and Nickl Minaj) hung out after the first time, she’s like, ‘Yo, I need to speak you about something. She’s like call me in an hour, so I call her in an hour. ‘I have a question … Did you f##k Meek Mill?’ I was like, ‘Uh, what? No, I did not f##k Meek. I don’t even know him like that. I’m like, ‘Sis I ain’t never DM’ed him. We ain’t never had a text message.”

THEN, out of nowhere - BOOM - she says it!  “Trina told me that she fucked him (Meek).

And THEN she talks to the people that say, "You clout chasing! Don't mention the queen's name, bish!"

Chinese Kitty is a model turned rapper. She's a beauty and she's now got everybody talking.