Meek Mill And Tekashi Beef Over The Internet


2020 has been a circus and now, well the clown antics have begun.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, if the Twilight Zone 2020 just rolls right on. This time a rapper that snitched actually owns his transgression in all of its glory. Tekashi 69 is back and he's calling himself a rat.

He's kissing a dog? Wow! 

Anyway, here we go. Not too many people have said anything, but Meek Mill is speaking out. First of all, he called the new song "trash," but to me, it's standard Tekashi music.  What says you, people?

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.25.19 PM
Meek disses Tekashi for ratting and leaving his family high and dry. 

Meek continued, "Now you just a informant behind a keyboard tryna troll families you ruined so it's not gone hit the same. And by the way I'm doing this for my 'sons' so you won't be around to impact their lives ever!!!" 

As you all know, 6ix9ine testified against his brothers in Nine Trey Bloods, sending to jail for a very long time. Tekkie also got out of jail earlier than normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Tekashi clapped back in a most reasonable way: Meek shouldn't be concerned with a rainbow-haired rat like him. "Imagine having a new born baby come into the world and be pressed about a Mexican with rainbow hair," 6ix9ine said.

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