Meek Mill Keeps It Real About XXXtentacion!

Meek Mill has some view and some opinions and some new music to go with it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Meek Mill has a new song, but we will get to that in a minute. XXXtentacion is dead and he ain't coming back. People feel a variety of ways, but most of the youth are clear - they are in pain. I am not in pain, but I can relate on some level since "we" have lost so many. But Meek Mill is right there, in the pocket. He's now growing as a man and is apparent that he's the translator! He's the bridge! He's talking to the older and the younger! Peep what he said:

Here is the thing though. For all Meek's wisdom, he doesn't go far enough. Capitalism is the system that we live in and it is almost ALWAYS predicated on somebody getting more than somebody else. Free trade! That means there will always be have-nots and those that have. Even if you were a "have-not" and become a "have," you cannot get away from the mentality that some will maintain. No excuses, but people resort to drastic measures to get it. On the other side, Hip-Hop - like other cultures - is predicated on flaunting what you have amassed to those that don't have it. Some of those that "hate" are going to do more than eye screw you.

That said, Meek has a new song.