Meek Mill Takes Shots At Nicki Minaj And Her New Man!?!


Is Meek Mill taking a shot at his ex boo, Nicki Minaj?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not sure what got into Meek Mill this time, but he's been at the top of the food chain recently. He's got Trump friends (and occasional solicitors of hookers) like Robert Craft, Jay-Z, and bipartisan hack Van Jones all on his team. He's got Championships still out there ringing bells for people that have not found a good album in 2019. There have been rumors of exotic women. He's got it all!

So, why drive back by the block where Nicki Minaj lives! That was a metaphor! It seems like Meek still has some emotions about Nicki Minaj! “This sh*t beyond me. You was supposed to be my Beyonce, now you this n*gga fiancé? This nigga wearing Balenciaga with bootcut jeans. Are you losing your mind?” Hmmmmmmmmm....

First of all, I think people are taking this as a shot to Nicki, because he said "You was supposed to be my Beyonce..." because that is a true sort of comparison. But the rest of the bars don't seem to hold any weight. Listen up.

Well, Meek has denied the allegations. He said we need to hear the new song.

Honestly, I don't need to hear the song at all. No interest. Ya'lll in enjoy, but give me that turn up Meek, not love songs.