Megan Thee Stallion And Nicki Minaj Talk On IG Live!

See? Women in rap can get along! Nicki and Meg get it together!

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you can't beat em join em! If you can beat up join em! Just join em! Don't fight! We have been looking at a lot of dynamics that suggest there was going to be beef between Nicki and Megan. Everything from subliminal messages to overt anger. But, it seems like cooler heads have prevailed and these two actually got together. When it was happening in real time, I dismissed it altogether and tuned it out! I went and made me a sammich or something, because I didn't think It was going to really happen....BUT IT DID! Nicki actually thanked Meg for some encouraging words. "I really appreciate you, and even though we've been joking a lot, I wanted to tell you that it means a lot to me all of the nice and all of the sweet things that you ever said. Like, it means the world to me." Nicki didn't thank me when I encouraged her to be great many moons ago!

LOL! Nicki fans are just happy they got it together so they can like Megan like the rest of us! I feel like Cardi B vs Nicki had everybody on edge like none of the top women can get along!

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Cool they're in good terms.. They also clowned artists with ghost writer..