Megan Thee Stallion May Have Angered Nicki Minaj!

Is Megan in "hot water" with Nicki again​?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You guys know that AllHipHop is one of the most enduring brands in Hip-Hop journalism and online representation. So, most of what you see today is derived from us in the urban world. That's not poppin' sh#t - that's fact. Ever segment of our format has been taken and sliced into other businesses for other people. And we still here, we good with that. We don't need all the praise, we keep moving. Nicki Minaj seems to take a different approach.

Now, it seems like she's in a position where she has given "birth" to some of the current artists that are poppin' right now. I don't see the direct connection to Megan Thee Stallion, but I get it. Now, what? Megan Thee Stallion is coming on so strong right now, it is crazy! Now they are saying that Nicki is not pleased because Meg has an official playlist on Apple, where she named some of her favorite songs. She didn't include Nicki at all. She DID include Cardi B, however. Now, what does that mean? Could mean nothing, because the only other lady rapper listed was Megan. So...the INNANETS seem to be in cahoots with Nicki to say, "Aye, this chick isn't gonna give you your respect!"

I don't know, but this is really hard to manage! I hope Nicki don't give af about that, but she may! I won't say anymore about it!

Here is some positive news for Nicki! Her Apple Music radio show has broken a record! She has the most listened to radio station on Apple Music.

She also has an "Island Girl Playlist" - very similar to "Hot Girl Summer Playlist," maybe? Summer is almost hasn't been TOO hot, but the tension simply says anything can happen!

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Can you all please stop this. There is no truth to this. stop pitting black women against each other.

Amina Zaria
Amina Zaria

But... but they were just rumored to collab?!?! Meg you gotta pick a side!