Megan Thee Stallion Upsets Mexican Cholas!

Uh oh! We don't want NO problems with neither the cholos or the cholas!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Black people are the victims of cultural appropriation more than any other culture. But "The Blacks" are not the only ones. Other cultures have been picked off as well. But, not much has been made of Black folks that borrow from other cultures. Most times, its overlooked or seen as a sign of respect like The Wu Tang Clan. But more recently, people have been called out. At one point, Nicki got chastised for "Chung Li," where she dressed like an Asian.

Now her new BFF, Megan Thee Stallion is a target of some in the Chola Naton. Do you even know what a Chola is? I do. Here are a couple. Now, it should be noted that chola culture is affiliated with West Coast gang culture. So, Meg may want to be careful!

Now, here is how Meg got checked on IG.

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this is not exclusive to mexicans ! black folks used to dress their kids in khaki suits back in the day for school and church well before gangs were around. the play on this (seen above) was started by early BLACK GANGS, mexicans back then wore zoot suits not khaki suits . whatever female complained about this better learn her appropriations