Michael Rapaport Gets Trashed By Meek Mill!

Michael Rappaport vs Meek Meek? Beef sinks to brand new low.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who cares about what Michael Rappaport says? So, when the dude apparently said that Meek Mill was a trash rapper, there was little vibration over my world. Maybe it mattered in yours, but not mine. Dude ain't sh#t to me and his opinions really don't matter. ANYWAY and needless to say, he said something and I didn't know it until Meek responded.

Anyway, Meek finally responded like a day later. By the way, this was all jumpstarted, because Meek performed at All-Star, which I didn't even see.

Meek probably should not have responded at all and let MR become more irrelevant. I am sure he is relevant somewhere. Just not over here.

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he is absolutely in HUGE fight for relevance in the present climate. That takes nothing away from anything he has done, in addition to being annoying. He yells more than Meek used to.


Rapaport’s a little more relevant than you give him credit for. He Starred in “Higher Learning” with Cube & Busta. He Produced “Beats, Rhymes & Life” doco with Tribe.... an Looking at the cunts imdb.. he was also in Poetic Justice with 2Pac & by the looks of things got his mug in that New Edition Story a couple years back, haha! On top of that, the maniac has a popular podcast.. definitely a mouthy motherfucker but clearly people respect some of his opinions. an with that.. surprise surprise, I actually agree with him.. I wanna like Meek but 90% isn’t for me.. something’s off about it.