Minister Mase Sounds Funny

MA$E SOUNDS FUNNYIs this the man that was just signed to G-Unit, closing a deal with SRC and was once known as Murda Ma$e? Mase preaches harder than he rapped! I heard that he's gone back to preaching after a series of bad experiences in the ATL area. Check the link below for his preachin' style! Not too shabby if I pontificate myself! CAM COULD BALL!I know Jim Jones had the song “We Fly” aka “Ballin,” but perhaps that should have been Cam’s song. Check out the footage below of Cam and Mase hooping it up.ILLSEED QUICKIESIf you hear Uncle Murder refer to the Geico lizard, he’s talking about Papoose. I’m a lil’s slow, but I eventually got it. Man, I’m slow! There are rumors that Jeezy might be getting married to a R&B singer who has a first name that starts with K and ends with A. My sources say the ring is sick. I haven��t seen it.Keyshia Cole has recently signed on to another BET reality show. J.R. Rotem has stated on the record that he sexed Britney Spears “wheel barrow” style. What a gentleman, eh? There are rumblings that Cassie and Diddy have parted ways. This rumor isn’t true at all. Cassie is actually working on her second album. TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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