Mo'Nique May Have Won The War With Netflix!

Mo'Nique comes back like she never left - according to the rumors!

(AllHipHop Rumors) A lot of people had a lot to say about Mo'Nique when she was saying Netflix was racist and wasn't paying her enough money. But, now it looks like the tide has changed. First of all, lets say that the comedian was not completely nuts. Ever heard the name Jonathan Friedland? He was Netflix's Communications Chief and he was fired for using racist language on numerous occasions. ANYWAY, Netflix does not want that title and so they are doing a lot to support Black creatives and that includes making thing right with Mo'Nique. Mo Mo is allegedly working on a $10 million deal with Netflix. Her manager husband is negotiating the deal, according to reports. It would seem like she will be "made whole" afterall. Now, that is a win!!! Remember, Mo'Nique was offered $500k at first for a comedy special and they rejected it based on other deals that were out there. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock got $50 million! Amy Shumer got $13 milli! She was also getting less than several other notables that were white.

Mo'Nique, an Oscar winner, tried to boycott Netflix and failed miserably. The streaming giant ratcheted up their offerings and we all loved them more. This is a major shift and it seems like Netflix wants to make

sure there is no trace of sexism or racism at the company. It looks like standing her ground will pay big dividends!

Source: MTO