Model Uses Future To Clap Back At Wale Over Fake Butt!


Photo via Wale's Instagram

Wale is known to be a pretty expressive guy. He recently ruffled some feathers with his message for black women about fake body parts....fake butts to be exact. Wale posted a meme with an Instagram model that said,

"Dear black women this has to stop. This is not attractive. As black men we apologize for misleading you to believe this is the quintessential black woman. Sorry for not cultivating, protecting, and loving your mind, soul, spirit, dreams and ambition."

Wale added,

"I can speak for most of us.... I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you need to ruin what God gave you. I find it difficult to believe one would alter they body this significantly for themselves."

Of course someone tagged the "a*ss" model in the photo, and she decided to clap back. She said,

"Tell Wale I only listen to Future."

No matter what she listens to, it doesn't change the fact that this is disgusting. The trend is terrible as well in my opinion. Does Wale have a point, or is this exactly what black men want these days?

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