More 6ix9ine Rumors And Rhetoric!


There's quite a lot of swirl around Tekashi 69...some of it light...some of it heavy. Check it out.

(AllHipHop Rumors) That boy Tekashi 69 is all the rage! All the talk is about him! And he knows it! Why does he keep calling himself a kid though? He's a solid 21, about to be 22 in May. He can't be out here wildin and whatever like he does and evoke the "kid" crap when it is convenient. At least he's not in jail, which is what we all thought. More trolling. ANYWAY, he took a shot at Joe Budden, who has started a new podcast.

He may not be a kid, but he's definitely something else.

Ebro seems to send a shot in that direction. Is he upset that he hasn't gotten his interview or is he speaking straight facts?

Some say he's hating, but the fact is a Jewish man that is the son of a big boss at Universal is ultimately the person "behind" Tekashi. Just facts, no chaser.

Same person is behind Trippie Redd.

No hate. Just facts.

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lol a "jewish" man is behind all this garbage. and thi garbage is no different than the rest