More B2K Messiness: Lil Fizz Impregnates Omarions Wife!

WOW! The guys of B2K sure went from boys to men! AND...there is a new edition to the crew!

UPDATE: Omarion's BM is out here straight WILDIN'!!! She said a whole bunch of names, including The Game, Shaq and more! Basically, that she fks a lot of celebs! But this is definitely indicative of a thirst trap and Lil Fizz got caught!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This isn't my wheelhouse, per se, but I saw it on a message board and I had to run with it. The B2K guys went on tour and from what I saw, people loved it. I mean, who wouldn't want to see the Ying Yang Twins live along with the teen R&B group? Well, from onset it was full of drama, most notably from Raz B, who was upset that former manager Chris Stokes was still around. He said that was traumatic, because of the alleged history of abuse. Anyway, that's old news. The new news is much more saucy.

The dude Lil Fizz has allegedly put a baby in Omarion's ex-wife and mother to HIS kids.There are billions of people in the world. There are endless interactions and relationships: why the bandmates EX? Now, I think this has been carrying on for a minute and Omarion has commented on it. Before the baby rumors, he was like "she's a grown woman and she can do what she wants." In this threesome, nobody thought to say this might be a bit too messy?!

Anyway, peep this video:

Sorry for the old pic!

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Man nothing is sacred to these losers today. SMH