More Drake, Pusha T Mess Featuring Nicki Minaj


Drake releases a new song, but people are stuck on the beef and what Pusha T said on "Daytona."

(AllHipHop Rumors) What a messy rap situation. Pusha hit the OVO Hive and got served. Why he didn’t have a response ready is beyond me. He didn’t learn from Meek? Anyway, Nicki Minaj decides to implant herself in the situation. I guess this is pay back for Drake dropping that women’s anthem on the same day Cardi B dropped? I dunno. Here is Nicki adding her 2 pennies.

And then there is Gillie The Kid/King who has something in common with Pusha T, they both allegedly wrote for for Lil Wayne - Drake’s personal Jesus. Gillie is the truth we all need.

And there is the new Drake song…”I’m Upset” - just MEH. No Hate...Just Meh!

Come on Pusha or Drake is going to claim another American casualty!

This can be the rap battle we deserve! I definitely give Drake props for responding with bars and not tweets!