More Nipsey Hussle Rumors - Conspiracy Theories, Suicides A​nd Funeral Profits


Fans are getting paid by selling their programs to Neighborhood Nip's funeral.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We knew this was going to happen. I am not even mad about it, but the facts is if there is a profit to be made by poor people, they are going to make it. Period! These folks might love Nip, but they also gotta get paid like Nip! So, you will see stuff continue to pop up all over the place, I am sure. Rich people need to pay up! LOL!

Scooped this off TMZ.

I think this is going to be my last Nipsey rumor for a while. SIKE!

Eric Holder's young brother has reportedly committed suicide. Right now, Media Takeout is the only outlet reporting this so take it how you want to take it. Here is the info.

The teenage brother of the man arrested for murdering Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder, committed suicide yesterday, according to multiple reports.

Police arrested Eric Holder last week, and charged him with the murder of legendary hip hop artist/activist Nipsey Hussle. Police released video showing a man they claim is Holder, committing the violent murder.

Since Nipsey's killing, associates of the hip hop legend have taken revenge against Eric's family. Less than 48 hours after Nipsey's assassination - the streets killed TWO of Eric's cousins.

Now Eric's 17 year old brother is gone also. Multiple credible social media accounts are saying that Eric's brother is dead, and is believed to have committed suicide yesterday. The teenage boy, who shares a father with Eric, didn't have anything at all to do with Nipsey's killing. It's not clear why the teenager would take his own life.

I have to admit this seems suspect! I wonder if Eric Holder is on suicide watch? I have people that believe he will die somehow before he goes to trial. That will certainly drive the conspiracy theorists nuts if he does.

Now, peep this. Some people I know have been telling me some stuff about how the hell a banger-activist from Los Angeles gets to have a funeral at the Staple Center. Now, I personally don't think they know have GREAT King Nipsey was, but they have questions. They have also suggested that this was a big attempt to identify gang members in the whole city by the LAPD. Remember, facial recognition is not science fiction anymore. Its on the iPhone!

It certainly makes some sort of sense. This is not to say that these people are out here doing anything wrong, but that's not the point. I think the point is, we have to remember that the enemy is still the enemy. Nuff said!

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You can have service anywhere your money allow you .. everyone that attended is not affiliate with a gang. So that Police and gang theories is bull.


What happened to proof reading your article before publishing?